The role of mascara in beautifying female eyes

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With the passage of time, things change their shapes and if you don’t accommodate yourself to new fashion trends, you are likely to lag behind and your dream of having a charming lad with you will be left unfulfilled. Use younique mascara and apply it in an expert way and look yourself in the mirror before and after to evaluate this excellent application of the present day age. Yes! I’m not here to advertise any mascara manufacturing company; I’m here to draw your attention to tremendous reviews that will help you choose the younique mascara for your eyes no matter, what size of the eyes you have.


Non-Toxic and Natural Nail Polish

Chrome nail polish 1 (13)

Did you know that numerous brands of nail polish use damaging chemicals such as phthalates and formaldehyde in their formulations? That stuff is quite nasty, and they could harm you or at least make you feel sick. Lot of nail polish removers and makers has back off on production of such types of nail polish & nail polish removers. Speaking of which, famous natural remover and natural polish have started to proliferate. Finding non-toxic polish is not that hard to do anymore as you can find Chrome nail polish easily.

Nail polish could come in lots of diverse colors and could range from blindingly shimmery, to completely matte but even though there is lots of diversity to most common nail care component of these days, finding totally chemical-free diversity of polish could be a real chore. Parents with children who wish to play around with polish might be dismayed to hear that, especially since chemicals found in numerous nail polishes could potentially cause very serious problems related to the health. Bright spot in this little dilemma could be found in peel-off or “water-based” natural polish varieties. Even though such brands of nail polish are virtually always phthalate free & use all types of natural ingredients, it is still not good idea at all to preserve a nail-biting habit after getting the manicure.