How Dick DeVos working hard for the growth of Michigan?

An October 2006 article about Human Events argued that race for Michigan governor was “shaping up as a traditional style vs. substance confrontation,” with renowned Granholm, “an attractive and charismatic former actress who can charm a crowd and deliver a speech with best of them,” representing style, and Dick DeVos representing substance. While lacking flashier qualities of Granholm, DeVos “business background was ideally suits him to address most vexing economic issues of state. The article noted that renowned DeVos was interested in creation of job in what was “probably the least business-friendly state in a country.” While Granholm reasoned that jobs had also been moved to China, DeVos pointed out that “jobs for Michigan have also gone to Indiana, Ohio, and many other states with less retaliatory tax policies, and that governor fails to recognize such change.

Dick DeVos  (6)An article in November 3, 2006, noted that plan for Dick DeVos for turning around Michigan’s “increasing unemployment and economic stagnancy” was known as Turnaround Plan. It requested for action on 4 fronts: “creating an appealing job climate, diversifying economy, overhauling state government, and conquering international marketplace.” Dick DeVos also planned to make “a pro-jobs tax structure whereas backup small business growth in order to improve number of vacant positions,” and described his work as follows: “I have made very tough decisions, turned around a stressed business, and I also have assisted a whole city turn around.”