Feb, 2017

Want to be a shaman?

6.becoming a shamanBefore you go ahead with the subject of ‘becoming a shaman’, let’s start with the word shaman in order to better understand the actual idea and mission of shamanic healing which is a spiritual treatment.

In the first place, there are some misconceptions needed to clear off. Some people regard shaman as a male while some take it as a female agent but the actual fact is that it is a neutral gender. So, bear in mind that.

Added to this misconception, to be clear; shaman is neither a male gender nor a female. Anthropological studies show the word ‘shaman’ was driven from the Tungis in the 19th century. The meaning of the word shaman is ghost talker or it is referred to a person who talks to the ghosts.

It was then applied loosely by other scholars. For centuries, the word underwent to some indigenous native religious traditions until now when it has merged into new scientific developments. Learning the background can assist you in becoming a shaman in a useful way.